The NJIRU Legacy lives on

by Edwin Njiru

Supporting: CLIMB4DREAMS for Inspire Spaces



This year has especially been very tough for the Njiru family. Our dad passed away on Feb 27th, 2022. However, we praise God for Blessing him with 98 years.

One of my dad's greatest legacy was his passion for education. In his early career, he was a teacher, a School Principal and Inspector of schools. He helped establish several Primary and High schools and made sure no child missed an opportunity to get an education. His passion was ensuring every child in the community went to school irrespective of their economic status.

Several years ago, I told him about Inspire Spaces and what we were doing and he was very excited and encouraged me to keep on the passion of providding education to the less fortunate.

Which brings me to the CLIMB4DREAMS. While dad may have passed away this year, his legacy will live on. I am joining others on a journey to climb Mt Kenya to help raise funds for needy students. This will be a time for me to not only reflect about dad and his life of service, but a great opportunity to continue on his legacy to provide education to needy kids.

My goals is to raise $9800, which is $100 for each of the years my dad lived. I am asking you to join me on this journey. Help me to get up on the mountain and lift up my dad's legacy. I know he will be watching from heaven and smiling, knowing that you and I will keep his legacy alive by helping these needy kids get an education.

What if we climbed one of the tallest mountains in Africa? What if we spend 5 days enjoying the beauty of nature and battling natural elements and mental fatigue? What if we ascended to over 15,000 FT? What if we did this amazing expedition to raise funds for vulnerable students to pursue their dream of education. 

Come with us and explore this amazing landscape dotted with glaciers, rock spires, high tarns and some beautiful unique flora and fauna like the giant groundsels and the odd looking rock hyrax which has evolved from the elephant.

August 1st-5th, we will hike up Mt Kenya with 20 Inspire Spaces college students and 22 volunteers. Every dollar raised goes to support student scholarships. We will hike up to Lenana point which is at 15,190 FT, and every foot of elevation costs $.50 cents. Sponsor each hiker for $7,595 to get them to the summit! For every hiker we get to the top, it provides scholarships, leadership and character programming and all school supplies for an entire year.


We're raising money for our scholarships program with our first ever CLIMB4DREAMS. Mt. Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa. 

One Month Sponsorship

A donation of $70 will provide one student with partial school tuition.

Full Year Sponsorship

A donation of $840 will provide one student with school tuition and leadership camps for a year.

Multiple Student Scholarships 

A donation of $4,200 per year will provide  5 students with tuition and leadership camps for a year.